Thursday, July 12, 2007

Confessions Of A Not So Peeping Tom

The North’s go to church with us, so we see them on a regular basis. Sometimes we go out to eat together since we both have kids around the same age. They actually have a very nice house that Fred and I pass everyday on the way to the Hill. Two car garage, a nice patio, basketball goal, swing set…everything you could want in a home. In particular they have a very nice fence that runs around the back of their house and faces the route Fred and I take every morning. Umm….this is where my problem lies and why I’m a bit embarrassed to speak to them at the moment. See the fence is tall enough to stop anyone from looking over it if you are in their yard and not standing on the road running behind the place. But not tall enough so that people can’t see over it and down through their patio doors into the middle of their home while they are in their car taking their son to daycare 5 days a week.

Now I’ll admit the first couple of time I thought “Hey look!! You can see into the North’s house from up here” now it’s more like “Oh crap there’s the North’s place. Look the other way so it won’t appear we are looking”. Then I think “Who am I talking too? Fred is in the back seat playing with a plastic Easter egg”

So now my daily routine has added event that takes place at exactly 7:35 every morning. It’s get up, check email, eat breakfast, get dressed, get Fred dressed, make my lunch, change Fred’s diaper, kiss Lucy goodbye, get Fred in the car, and now look the other way when passing behind the North’s.

Not being a Peeping Tom when your not being a Peeping Tom has never been so hard.

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Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. Abby always points to their house b/c she knows it's theirs. Should they ever decide to run through their house naked about the same time we are going to the Hill or to mommy's school...well, I don't want to think about it.