Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter And The Lack Of Interest

 Why is it every time the subject of Harry Potter comes up people look at me like I’m deaf and they can’t figure out the words my hands are making? So what I HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST WORD OF HARRY POTTER and know zilch about it!! You think there are some tensions between black/whites/hispanics/christians/muslims in this country, wait till people hear you don’t know what a muggle is.

The second people find out this news they all make that same “HOLLY CRAP I’VE FOUND THE LOST ARK” face followed by the “ARE YOU SPEAKING IN TONGUES BECAUSE I HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT THOSE WORDS PUT TOGETHER IN THE SAME SENTENCE MEAN” face followed by the “I MUST CONVERT YOU SINNER” face.

Look there are some books I plan on reading front to back before I die. The Bible, East Of Eden…ok well that’s all I can name right now, but my point is somewhere between the first book coming out and the third one hitting the stands I began to get segregated because of my lack of interest. Hey I like wizards and warlocks and polo just like everybody else, I just never got caught up in the whole “THIS IS THE BEST BOOK KNOWN TO MAN AND IF YOU DON”T READ IT YOU ARE AN ILLITERATE HILLBILLY” thing. Ask me about Spiderman or the latest movie news. I know everything about American Idol!!

So the next time you run into somebody that doesn’t have a clue who this Harry Potter guys is, please just move along and not look at him like an albino alligator down at your local zoo.



Anonymous said...

Great picture of Harry! :) Well, I've finished the you don't have to worry about me leaving my husband if he spoils the ending!

Julie Young said...

Hey Charlie,
I was going to ask if Lucy had a blog? You mentioned it in your comment to me that she loved it. Do you have a link to it?

Charlie Blockhead said...

I meant she likes reading mine and others. She doesn't have one yet