Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Birthday Blunders

Friday the 6th was Lucy’s birthday and I was finally able to get her that pony she has always wanted…with a couple of minor details being different than what she initially expected.

  1. It was plastic
  2. It smelled like cupcakes and roses
  3. Fred wouldn’t let her play with it

Other than that like I said, it was the pony she had always wanted. I learned this birthday that women like to have their gifts wrapped and not launched at them as they are wiping the sleepy from their eyes at 7a.m. Oh and I now know her shoe size (it’s NOT an 8 like the ones I bought her but a size 9 like the ones I exchanged them for on my lunch break that day). Finally I received a gift from God by having the smarts to order her balloons/flowers. Now at the time it was a clear attempt to make up for the disasterous birthday gift giving from earlier in the day, but I now feel like I had some help in making the decision to send them her way. That afternoon a customer of hers at the bank who remembered her birthday thought she deserved some flowers. Now I’m sure said customer had no idea that he/she was potentially sending me to the doghouse for several months, but still I think flowers were a bit much and would have been happy seeing her get a gift certificate for free pizza or something less “My husband didn’t even get me something this nice”-ish. Luckily I remembered and mine arrived before theirs did. That about covers it...oh yea..instead of birthday cake we had a slice of cheesecake from a resturant that was open late. Hey folks I don't call myself a blockhead for nothing.


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