Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can You Follow My Train Of Thought?

So what do you do when you have a weekly column to write and you don't have a clue what to say Apparently you ramble and you ditch punctuation I've got a couple of ideas for some great stories I want to tell bouncing around in the ole blockhead noggin but they aren't fleshed out yet I've been wondering where the J's are and keep meaning to shoot them an email Speaking of friends the gang is now officially split up We were tight there for awhile and there was a time I saw spending my life with them all as if trapped in a real life version of Thirtysomething but that's over now The idols have left though not in a way that anyone ever saw coming Something happened changed people became distant and best friends lost touch Nobody knows the exact reasons or if they do they're not sharing Either way the gang is kaput I writing a ton lately and I love it to death but I wonder if the daily grind of cranking out blog after blog for extra cash is stopping me from pursuing other opportunities then again seven months ago before I started getting paid there were no opportunities so maybe I'm just worrying for the sake of it Everything is going great in my life at the moment I just got a promotion at the 9-5 but I can't help but wonder if it's just taking me one step further away from the writing career that may or may not be my latest fad I love doing this everyday though it does wear me out some The late nights the endless words and phrases appearing out of nowhere on my computer screen in just the perfect way as if putting together a puzzle without knowing what the final picture is or looking at the pieces I'm still amazed in my confidence in myself 98% percent of the time when I sit down I have a basic idea and the rest just pours out like a pitcher full of tea going down the drain maybe that's not the best analogy but maybe the correct one would be paint being dumped on a canvas I love this whole train of thought thing I got going on now I may have to do this again soon I just heard the new Billy Ray Cyrus album and it was pretty good believe it or not We watched 10 minutes of Hannah Montana the other day and that made me open to the idea of hearing him sing and forgiving him for Achey Breaky Heart Fred loves music the slightest hint of song or the television jingle and he's popping his head and shaking that booty There's a new group of friends forming and I guess that's  great The Marks The Norths The Whiska's I hate those nicknames but it's the best I can do I'm getting sleepy There for like three months I was doing great going to bed at midnight and getting up at six but this past week I can barely stay up past ten Lucy is doing great everyday she amazes me by how funny and sacrastic she is we've been together so long we laugh at the slight hints of old inside jokes like Hoooott Pooockets and I'd die without shoes We used to play this game where we'd hear a song or a story on the news and make up this giant lie about how it all happened because of something we did and we decided to keep it quite because we didn't want to have to put up with the hassle of being famous Fred is practically attacking buttons the cat every afternoon everytime he runs into the room he screams "AAAAAAAACCCHHHHHH" Fred not the cat sounds are the hardest words to spell We are afraid that when asked if he knows what sound a cat makes at school he will say nothing because pets aren't allowed in school bad joke we are afraid that instead of "Meow" he will scream "Raaaooooorrrr" then they will ask him to spell that and he will have no clue cause his daddy never taught him because he didn't know either Lucy has an ulcer and can't eat pizza and that's going to give me an ulcer because I am craving some pizza I know this is probably hard to read plus I'm not going to do spell check cause that will take away from the fun of it but I think this is awesome I'm always trying to find new ways to shape my words Once when we were first dating Lucy got into a habit of giving me a card every couple of days for various reasons Happy Festivus Happy Tuesday I'm Thinking Of You Get Well Soon Sorry I Thought You Were Sick When Really You Just Have Big Red Nose I never got her the first card so on one of our anniversaries can't remember which one but like six months or something I went out and spent like thirty bucks on nothing but happy anniversary cards I wrote someting different in them and hid them all over the place in the car the fridge the bathroom the closet you know every where all over the place consists of She got a card every twenty minutes that day She still has them in a box in her closet or some place to this day If this is getting on your nerves I promise to....  

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Anonymous said...

WOW! That hurt my eyes reading all that...but it also made me laugh.
I beat you and Lucy are like us. I have a box of keepsakes and so does my other....his is full, mine not so full b/c he doesn't seem to buy cards like I do...my Valentine's Day card from him is still sitting at the top of the closet, not signed and yet to be given to me! :)
Okay...I may be a little slow on the uptake...I get the Norths...don't get the Marks and Whiskas.
Well, maybe Fred won't know how to make a cat sound...but at least he won't run off screaming bloody murder at school if the word "puppets" is said!