Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things Heard At VBS

Lucy and I are helping out with VBS this week. She’s got Fred’s class and I’m watching over the 4th graders. Here are of the things I heard the kids say:

“Michael if you do not stop touching me and pointing at me and saying my name and embarassing me. I am going to tell everyone what you did after that big kid punched you last. Would you like me to do that Michael? Huh?Huh?”

“What’s your favorite kind of meat?”

“No matter what happens tonight will you please tell my mommy that I was good even if you think I might not have been? She said if I was bad I couldn’t come back!”

"We are about to do a skit on The Good Samaritan. Who knows about the good Samaritan?” Everyone raised their hands because what the teacher didn’t know is that just by chance the kids had just come from a skit about The Good Samaritain.

“Why do you have 5 bags of popcorn?” ”People give me what they don’t want to eat” “Ok. Can I clean some of this up or do you need all 5 bags?” “You can throw this one away.” “Why this one?” “I know that girl and she probably did something to it”

“There’s my mom, remember you promised to say I was good.”

"Can I crush his bones?"

"How many minutes do we have left?"

"Dude. Quit calling me dude. My name is not dude. It's Van not dude. Ok dude?"

"Charlie please tell him to quit trying to hit me in the nuts!" "If you keep hitting him in his privates I'm going to give your snack to Dalton" "Can I have that kids snack now?" "No he quit hitting him in the privates" "Aw man!!!"

"Wait I'm her husband who are you three guys?" "We are her husbands!!!" "You are all my husbands" "This is so screwed up"

"I'm an anti-anexx-ite"

"This sucks"

"I hate pizza"

"One time my mom called me for dinner but I was up in a tree really high and couldn't come down so the fire department came and there was a squirrel next to me"


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