Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Things I Take For Granted

Freedom Love Peace Silence Chocolate Laughter First Smiles First Words First Loves.Toys on Christmas morning. A McDonalds on every corner. Java Chillers. Tivo. Not having to wash your clothes at a 24 hr laundry mat in the middle of the night. Planes Trains And Automobiles.Family, Friends, and football games.Long distance phone calls to the ones we love.Warm sunny days doing nothing but reading a book by the pool.A job that pays all the bills and leaves extra to save for trips to the zoo. Time. Sausage balls. Quiet nights in a room lit by the soft glow of a Christmas tree. Coloring with your favorite child. Chinese Food. 299 Charlie Posts. Double Quarter Pounders. The internet. Health, Car, and Home insurance. Pecans dropping from a tree in the back yard. Good teachers and a fantastic daycare. God, Grandparents, and Good Fellowship. Kitty Cats and Puppies. Central Heat and Air. Long days spent fishing along a river bank. A few hours alone on a golf course. New sweaters and old sweatshirts. A good couch perfect for afternoon naps. Time to live and not to work.....Lucy, Fred, Nani, Gigi, Broccoli, Granny, Grandpa, MawMaw, PawPaw, Pops, Poppa, and Mo.

The one thing I plan to to do this coming week....enjoy life and remember all I have been blessed with.

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