Monday, December 29, 2008

Sing Me A Song About Tacos

Ever since his first big boy haircut several weeks ago (Sadly the curls are off. Once Santa thinks you are a girl it's time for a change) Fred has been going through some changes that don't all revolve around his appearance. The most interesting of which is his increased vocabulary. Suddenly he's adding words and phrase to his repartee that I never thought I would hear him say.
  • "Not a commercial Daddy! I don't like commercials!" "Sorry, but not everything we watch is TiVo'd"

  • "This meal is delicious! These are my favorite!"

Everything now seems to have a musical quality to it and follow a verse of some sort.

  • I like tacos tacos tacos. I like tacos tacos tacos. I want some tacos pleaseeeeee

  • I want to watch Wall-E in my roooom in my roooom. I want to watch Wall-E in my rooom

  • I need to PeePee PeePee PeePee. I need to PeePee please take me right now. Gotta go to the bathroom and PeePee PeePee PeePee

Oh and every time we are in public he starts singing Happy Birthday to some random person. He's so convincing that people actually believe it's that persons birthday.

  • "Happy Birthday Mommy! Happy Birthday Mommy! Happy Birthday to you!"

Too bad I can't seem to get him to do that last one whenever we are at a resturant. I love free birthday cake.

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Scott said...

That's priceless!