Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ornamental Disaster

I'm feeling really guilty about not posting much lately, but the holidays are simply taking their toll. This year just seems to be more chaotic than most and with that comes tons of stress. I thought that cutting back on my freelance work would help ( I now just write for PetSource.Org), but other things have take that seems that we are so busy getting ready for Christmas that we are forgetting to celebrate it. Today I heard Lucy wish a few people Merry Christmas and it occurred to me that the phrase had not entered my vocabulary yet this year.....then there are the outside decorations.

Since Lucy and I were married on December 1st 2001, we long ago decided that on each anniversary instead of a gift for each other we would buy something new for the yard. A few lighted trees, some twinkling snowmen, this year we added a great looking sleigh which we painted black and white. The plan was too position the reindeer we bought last year to look as if they were pulling it....but then the rainy season started and our deer seem to constantly be laying down on the job.

We don't normally have a rainy season, in fact up until a month ago my part of Alabama was in the midst of a drought. After 3 straight weeks of wind, rain, sleet, and snow the Drought of '08' is officially history. As a consequence the wind simply cannot help itself from leveling everything standing in the front of the house included the above mentioned deer and lighted trees. The ground is simply too wet to anchor anything into the ground and what we have ended up with is a neighborhood full of lazy Santa's and sleepy Snowmen. If I didn't know better I would swear a band of Christmas hating teenagers had taken a beating to the entire community.
Merry Christmas!!!

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