Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Battle Of Jonah Hill

You just don't know how many posts get written that end up deleted after they are done. I pour my heart and soul out on Charlie. I always want to be honest and cover the tough parenting issues while at the same time share the joys of living life. Realistically though not every conversation needs to be shared and as much as I hate to admit it not every problem needs to be blasted on the Internet.

What I will say about today's title is that kids don't always get along with each other and there are times when they need to defend themselves from being taken advantage. I do not encourage fighting but I also do not want my children to live through the pain that I did by being bullied during certain times in my life by adults and other kids.

There is a fine line between walking away from a fight and being taken advantage of because it appears you don't have the courage to throw a punch every now and then.

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