Sunday, November 23, 2008

Watching For Curve Balls

Being the brother of a former little league baseball star and a close person friend of a friend of Josh Willingham, I've heard enough about curve balls to tell you exactly how they operate. I've been told that the first thing you learn is that they start off looking like your typical pitch. As if in slow motion the pitcher begins his windup, the arm comes back, slowly extends forward, and you immediately think "Hey no problem. I got this one." Then suddenly as you swing with all your might instead of the sweet sound of wood meeting leather....the balls dips and falls just out of reach.

I've been thinking a lot about curve balls lately and how they relate to so much that is happening with myself and those around me. Speaking strictly from my own recent experiences I can tell you that it's almost too easy not expect today to be just like yesterday and tomorrow to carbon copy the days before.....we all enjoy our routines, but the fact is that we become so used to their existence that when something outside our daily expectations does occur it often leaves us still staring towards the fences looking for the ball that has long passed us by.

As I mentioned I'm not the only one that has seen a curve ball slip past them and change the way they see the world recently. And just the same I hope I'm not the only one that understands regardless of where we end up and what situation we find ourselves in, there are still things to be thankful for no matter how large or small. I think the trick is to remember that no matter what goes wrong you still get another chance to step up to the plate and take another swing.....who knows maybe this time you'll get the pitch you want.

To all those who have been caught off guard by a well placed curve ball, Happy Thanksgiving from Fred, Lucy, and Charlie. You are in our thoughts.......

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