Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Can Dance If I Want To!

I never danced at my prom....never even went....I think I hung out in the parking lot with a bunch of other geeks making fun of people going in and out secretly wishing I was one of them. The only time I ever danced in college was after I had taken a trip to Boonesville population me. I remember our whole wedding as one long dance from the moment they hit play on the CD of songs we spent months hand picking. The soft steps of Lucy walking down the isle. The two of us jumping up and down once we finally made it home as we tried desperately to get all the bird seed off of us. As far as something choreographed and planned....I'd never committed to it. Till I got the call one afternoon.

It was a couple months before the wedding and I was desperate to help in any way I could think. They got the idea from some show on TLC and more out of a feeling of obligation Broccoli wanted to make sure I knew I could join in. Ever on the look out for possible hurt feelings he added that he didn't think I would say yes, but wanted to include me just the same. Now I'd like to say that sometimes you do things not because of personal gain, but for what others can gain from your actions. Truth be told after the first practice my reasons did change to something more along the lines of "This is my gift to you on your wedding day". I wish I could say that was the reason I called him back immediately after saying no in the first place....but the truth is I'm just too stubborn for my own good and I wasn't about to let somebody tell me they didn't think I would do something. The way I saw it I had been robbed of my ability to make the decision for myself by having it included with the request. So because of stubbornness and later because of what it would mean to him...and because it had been so long sense we had bonded over anything....I agreed to dance. Not just dance, but practice.

I practiced in the living room while Fred begged me to quit. I practiced at the office on my way back from the copier. I met the guys in the group and practiced after church on Wednesday nights at a Ballet studio downtown. I ran through the routine at all hours of the day all the while keeping it a secret from as many people as possible in order to ensure it's shock value. Until finally after all the I Do's and I Love You's had been said...the DJ stopped the music and the dance began. Click here to see the Brothers Blockhead Live For The First Time!

P.S. I'm the one in the second row on the far right corner of the the screen. Hey nobody said I had to be good.


Anonymous said...

There are times in life as we grow older & share experiences with our this case my children...that we fall deeper in love with see Charlie do this with his brother, was one of them... it made a very special night even more special to this mother... I am the most proud and blessed mother in the world!!! my sons

Julie said...

Looks like all the dance lessons paid off! Pretty funny!