Monday, November 10, 2008

The One Thing You Should Never Say At Church!

I'm still trying to catch you guys up on all the wedding stories and before I post the video (yes there is a video!) I wanted to tell you about THE ONE THING YOU SHOULD NEVER SAY AT CHURCH! I always find it funny how stressful those moments before a wedding can be. The Bride and Groom are running around making sure everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing. The photographer wants everyone to stand here, the wedding planner demands everyone be as this place at this time, everyone is wondering why they didn't just elope.

It's in these moments of mass hysteria that some of the funniest lines are said out of exasperation. For example......

We were less than two hours from show time and the Nani was desperately looking for something that Broccoli just had to have. As I mentioned the groom is being tugged, pulled, and twisted in every direction and the last thing he has time for is for something to go missing. Now Nani decided she had a pretty good idea as to where the meaningless item was, but didn't want to run all the way out to the car and it not be there. So she began describing to Broccoli where she thought it was except it was in something she couldn't quite bring herself to say out loud.

"Where is it?"
"In the trunk of the car"
"Where in the trunk of the car?"
"In that box!"
"What box?"
"The box in my trunk!"
"I'm telling you I want to know exactly where it is so I don't get all the way out there and waste time digging around! Which box?"
"The square one!"

Finally out of desperation Nani said what she had been trying to say all along.....
"You want me to get the Box of Whoop Ass?"

Now in her defense Whoop Ass just happens to be the name of the company that made the Bobble Head dolls Broccoli had made up of each of the groomsmen, but still the fact that she said that in the middle of church is something I will never forget.

Speaking of Bobble Heads, here is me with mine:


Anonymous said...

That bobble head's resemblence to you is stinkin scary!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you anonymous! Charlie was under the impression that the bobble didn't look like him, even Little Fred was convinced that it was his Daddy! :) Lucy

Anonymous said...

scary looking