Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things We Learn Along The Way

I know I say this every time I mention him, but Fred is changing more and more everyday. Recently I've been struck by  the amazing bits of knowledge he picks up here and there.

Yesterday he went to the counter, pulled down the bag of Oreo's(double stuffed of course), got one out, twisted it open, and started licking the center out like a pro!! I didn't teach him this (kinda wish I had, but I'm not there every second of the day). I think the GiGi had something to do with it.

I was on my way to the bathroom the other day and he says "Pee Pee dadda" Now the Dr. told us last week that normally 19 months is way too early to start potty training, but considering he witnessed Fred do a dook, grab a fresh diaper and the pack of wipes from the diaper bag, then proceed to hand them to Lucy, the guy reconsider his theories on when to potty train. Santa is bringing Fred his own potty this year.  Not the one Santa uses, but one that's close to it I'm sure.

Puzzles are great for kids. Not the like jigsaw puzzles. I'm talking the big bulky circles and animal shapes that normally fit into holes cut into pieces of plywood. They work as blocks and learning tools and occasionally they are turned into balls (though we try to avoid using them for that purpose). Suddenly he knows the chicken block goes into the chicken hole and the duck block goes into the duck hole. He'll even make the animal noise as he puts them in there.

It's no secret Auburn is my team. War Eagle. War Tommy Tuberville. War my boys in orange and blue taking it to the tide after this coming weeks much needed rest. This is something I'm determined to  pass down to Fred though it was a major shock to see him run to the coat rack and scream for his Auburn  cap when after being asked where it was.

All we do now is play cars and throw balls. Big cars, little cars, red cars, blue cars. Cars you ride, cars you push, cars that go by themselves..how did he learn to switch the car around when it's his turn to roll it back? How did he learn which end is the front? I never took the time to show him "Fred look. We turn the car around to face the other way then we push" He just does it. 

High Fives we had to teach. Saying thank you (tanks is his version) was something taught. Taking his socks off, holding them to his nose, and pretending they stink was something taught. Suddenly he's timing his burps to escape the same time as mine. Something's are just born into them I guess.

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WILLIAM said...

Double Stuffd is the only way to go.