Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Leftovers (Part 1)

It could have been the mounds of turkey consumed. It could have been the complete exhaustion brought on from driving all over Tarnation (yep I just quoted Yosemite Sam) eating meal after meal after desert after meal. It could be that our house is haunted by a ghost only Fred can see. If my knowledge of ghosts is correct (by knowledge I mean everything I've learned from Ghost Whisperer and Quantum Leap) when kids are young they have the ability to see spirits because the haven't learned that such things "couldn't possibly exist".  In other words they haven't been tainted with the poison of what us adults think is impossible. In Fred's 20 month mind anything can happen at any time. There is no such thing as "can't happen"

Ghostly Experience #1: As I said we were all hopped up on turkey, laying on the couch, Fred playing with his bucket-o-toys in front of us. Suddenly he turns toward the dark hallway leading to the back of the house and shouts "NO!!!!"

Weird I know. Then he does it again "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

One more time. "SID NOOOOOOOO!!"

The whole time shaking his finger pointing fist in the air as he scolded the unseen visitor.

It gets freakier..

Ghostly Experience #2: Next day, Lucy at work, Fred and I took a shower so we would be ready for some heavy shopping the second Mommy got home. I open the shower door to the sound of "Hey Guys!!" The exact phrase Lucy uses to greet us every time she comes in from being gone somewhere.

Except it was 4:30.not 5:15...which is the time she gets home...

So I think it's just me hearing things, I shrug it off, and that's when Fred belts out


But Mommy was not there.Mommy was at work...and we were at home.standing naked..... in front of a ghost.... that we could not see!!!

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