Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blockhead Bits (#212)

Why do kids pants have pockets? Is it to hold their keys? Keep up with their wallets?

Why does a two year old need a watch?

How come nobody at Subway knows the recipe for anything? I'm looking at the picture next to them and I can tell exactly what goes into a steak and bacon.How come they have so much trouble figuring it out?

Have toys always been covered in lead and we just didn't care? How bad could it be? I played in dumpsters when I was a kid and I turned out ok.I like pink cheese..

Is it wrong that I still hold my nose after 570 days of diaper changing?

Is it even more wrong that I'd rather not teach him to be potty trained because changing a diaper is much more preferable than emptying a poop bucket a couple times a day?

Can John Cusack make a bad movie? Here is the preview from Martian Child. We saw it this past weekend:

I understand Buffy is a fictional character but why can't I let go? The show ended like 3 years ago!!! Dang you Sarah Michelle Geller and your recent cover of Maxim!!!

Why do people constantly bring me cookies, cakes, and donuts? My kitchen looks like the desert branch of the Salvation Army.

What is it about me that makes people comfortable talking about infections relating to their privates? Call me when it gets on your elbow, otherwise keep it to yourself.and I mean that literally.


Julie said...

Bill...I have this problem and it is NOT on my elbow. HA!! JK!!

Anonymous said...

*I held my nose up until Abby was potty trained, so don't feel bad.
*Don't empty the poop bucket...instead teach him to just poop and pee in the big pot..get him a stool and a little seat that fits on the big part...
*Abby puts mints in her little pockets.

J said...


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