Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Leftovers (Part II)

"Well sweetie, if you have to ask if you need stitches.then you probably do."

That was Lucy's response to my mumbled question. Mumbled partially because of my fat lip and partially because of the ball of toilet paper I had covering it.

What is it with headbutting that kids find so fascinating. They all do it. At some point slinging your head back like a wrecking ball becomes an adrenaline rush. And like that wrecking ball swinging aimlessly towards some unknown target, nothing is off limits to the headbutt.

"Oh look at that!! I flung my head backwards and landed on a pillow. Yippiee"
"Ha this time I landed flat on the floor!!"
"Broke my daddy's nose with that one. He should have been paying closer attention I guess."
"Daddy why is your tooth buried 2 inches into your bottom lip? Never mind time for another headbutt. Weeeeeeee"

I thought he was supposed to have a soft spot up there somewhere? I look like I just got back from Fight Club (Oh sorry!! Forget I said that. I always get that first rule wrong!!) and he's wondering if he can use his hammer head to create an escape hatch out his room and into the backyard.

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