Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thanks To The Perfect Stranger

I have a new stepfather. I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned that here before. It’s not my place to blab all the juicy details about where he came from or how they met. As a soon to be 32 year- old, my days of finding a father figure are over and it’s not like she (mom) needed my approval to get married. It was no shock when they made the big announcement sometime back that they were getting married, but I was a bit thrown off that this guy I’d only seen a few times now held such a permanent spot in my family. Admittedly we are not the same family we once were. Broccoli is off traveling the country and is just as likely to be here in town as he is in Las Vegas from one day to the next. Lucy and I are all wrapped up in being parents and enjoying our small town lives.

That left mom….with what an empty apartment and a good book?

So mostly due to my own all encompassing self centeredness I know literally a few sentences about this guy. They are as follows:

  • He likes to fish
  • He has a pool
  • He used to be retired but now works
  • Whatever he does he’s the only one at the plant that can do it
  • He loves my mother more than any man has loved her ever before (at least from what I’ve seen. I can’t very well describe my mom/dad’s relationship pre-six years old)

Over the past few weeks my mom has been in and out of the hospital (nothing serious) for some minor surgery. What at first was meant to be minor surgery lead to her being rushed to the E.R a week after and passing out as she was being wheeled in. Over the past three weeks she has been back three times do to complications. What’s amazing about this whole situation is that I’m not the one who was there for her. Don’t get me wrong I was there when I could be, but somebody else had the situation in hand. Somebody who makes her laugh. Somebody who holds her hand at night. Worries about her when she’s sleeping. Somebody who though he may be a stranger to me, is exactly what my mother has been looking for all her life. The Perfect Stranger.


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Julie said...

Very well said Bill....