Thursday, August 02, 2007

He's Got The Music In Him

Ever since he was first conceived Fred’s been getting his grove thang on whenever and wherever possible. While Lucy was pregnant you could literally sit there and watch her stomach shifte from right to left. I was always afraid that if I looked to hard I’d see the slightest hint of a face trying to peer through the layers of skin (see there I just went too far and now I’m going to have a nightmare about faces coming out of my stomach). The second he learned to stand on his own he started this bobbing up and down thing.

Eventually he moved on to throwing his head side to side and now that’s sorta evolved into some major head-banging that always makes me think of Wayne/Garth jamming out to Bohemian Rhapsody. Last week was the annual W.C. Handy festival celebrating the life and music of one of the all time jazz greats. There’s music being played at at least a dozen different spots around town each day and we took Fred to a couple. His most recent move is rolling his arms around and around each other (like during the “roll-em and roll-em in the pan” part of bakers man) plus he’s mastered the “If you’re happy and you know it” foot stomp. So basically at any given time no matter the source of the music (a TV commercial, the jack-in-a-box winding up, people clapping) he’s likely to bust out with any combination of head-bang, clapping hands, foot stomp, or drop it low.

There’s a concert in a near by park, half the town is there, and The Mark’s/Us decide to take the kids to the show. Fred did all right in his stroller for about half an hour, and then once he’d had enough we let him run around in our general area (with us never more than a few steps behind). Well what can I say about what happened next…the boy knows no stranger. After failing at snagging a sub sandwich which was sitting in some dudes lap, Fred wonders up to this elderly gray haired black gentleman…and busts a move right there for everyone to see!!

He was rolling them arms and getting low. He started slinging that head around and stomping those feet. It was if he had suddenly been possessed by a demon and was trying desperately to shake it out!!! There are some images that stick in your head till the day you die and for me the sight of Fred jamming out with that old black dude is firmly pasted next to the sight of Lucy on our wedding day.


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Julie said...

That is funny! Thanks for sharing. So the question is....which one of you does he get that from???