Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stand Up To Virginia Tech President

I don't normally touch on social issues here on Charlie, but everyone needs to know about the current issue at Virginia Tech. Dave Matthews and several other artists are getting ready to do a concert as a tribute to those students/families affected by the massacre which occured several months ago. According to the school website "The concert is being offered by these inspired musicians as a gracious gift to the Virginia Tech community. It’s about a celebration of spirit. It’s about showing the resiliency and strength of our community known throughout the world as Hokie Spirit."

The problem is that amoung those set to perform is rapper NAS. If your not aware of NAS he frequently raps about violence, drugs, and gang related issues that go against everything that the other artists will be celebrating on this day.

That being said the president of the university does not seem to care what kind of music is being played on his campus and has even gone as far as saying this is a non-issue. Therefore Bill O'Reilly is calling on us all to send an email to Mr. Charles Steger and let him know this is a very poor decision. I've sent my email, please send yours.


Dr. Charles W. Steger
President, Virginia Tech
Office of the President
210 Burruss Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-6231


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