Monday, January 02, 2012

Counting The Days Till November 2012

My favorite part of the holidays it all the time off we get. Typically Mandy and I are off for the better part of 13 days. This year I had a couple 4 day weekends back to back while Mandy got the whole week off. I would have joined her, but vacation days are like gold bars and I've already used 2 of my allowed 15 days. The remaining 13 are supposed to last me until November!

Today Mandy was back at work so it was just me & the boys. We spent the 1st half gathering all the miscellaneous pieces of the Batman Imaginext universe we have collected over the years. All together we have The Batcave, The Joker's Playhouse, Green Lantern Corps, almost all the villains, 4 different planes, trains, and automobiles, and about $200 invested. It's ridiculous the amount of toys these kids have. One of our projects this year is to organize and reduce the clutter in this house. A major portion of that will be in the form of toys that have fallen by the wayside.

It was weird being off work today. I think it's a good sign you like your job when after being off for a large period of time, you start to feel pulled back towards it. Not that I won't feel the opposite way in a month, but for now part of me is ready to get back to all my numbers and statistics.

I learned today that my kids have tape worms. They've done nothing but eat all day long! At first I thought I was just giving them junk food so I decided to only offer sandwiches and real didn't stop them. They just kept eating turkey sandwich after turkey sandwich. Then it again it may have just felt like a lot because I was drunk on college football all afternoon (3 SEC bowl games on at the same time! I changed channels so much my remote almost overheated)

I leave you with a few things I can't shake off: Why does soup not accept it's soup and quit trying to be other foods (Taco Soup?) How much must you love someone in order to pretend 3o years have never happened in order to spare them the pain of remembering? At what point am I going to start the "losing weight" portion of my New Year's resolutions.


The Father of Five said...

I bet there is a intriguing story behind...

"How much must you love someone in order to pretend 3o years have never happened in order to spare them the pain of remembering?"

Not saying you have to share, but I am just imagining a pretty involved and complex storyline.

Charlie Blockhead said...

You ever have one of those nagging things you wish you could blog about but may be too personal? That's what this is. Maybe I can share more soon, but basically my grandpartents are getting older and memories are fading. The past and present are starting to combine.

The downside to everyone knowing you blog is that you can't be as open as you'd like to be.

The Father of Five said...

Oh, I know this phenomenon all too well. I wrote a funny little post a couple of years back that a (very controlling) extended family member told me that I WILL be removing because they did not feel that my perspective was funny or respectful. I spoke to the subject of the post who said they got a laugh out of it, and did not mind that it was posted at all. (I would have removed it had that person asked me to – and even told them so.) I told the controling family member that I WOULD NOT be removing said post. I have never seen this person become so angry. I let them know they were welcome to not visit the blog if they felt the way they did. Based on my site meter stats, I have not seen them return. No harm, no foul – right?

Only, that situation resonates with me whenever I consider ideas – thankfully, not to the extent that it has ever prevented me from writing something, but maybe HOW I write something – and I dislike that.

Charlie Blockhead said...

Do you outline out what you are going to post? 99% of the time I sit down and spill my guts. My wife tends to be the filter that says whether or not something shouldn't be said, but even then I don't follow her advice all the time.

There's always that idea that I can't shake loose and demands to be written. As far as actually thinking it out I never do that. What I end up with is something similar to what happened last night in which I blurted out how bored I was talking to someone about birds. I thought my take was funny, but my wife insists I came across sounding like jerk (which at times I am). I do admit I should have tried harder or rather made at least some attempt to change the specifics so they didn't relate to a real conversation. I'm thinking that some of the consequence of blogging what's on my mind everyday is going to be a very real picture of who I am and that means showing all sides of my personality good and bad.

There are time constraints that come with doing this everyday and that means all the time spent shaping and crafting a more well rounded post won't always be available. I'm babbling now.

I used to look at my stats, but since I've been away for awhile I'm pretty sure that me and you are the only ones reading this on a regular basis. At least for the moment.