Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year's Revolution

We each have our superstitions; those things we do a certain way every time in order to avoid some cosmic disaster falling upon us. If you step over somebody, you must step back over them in reverse or face a curse. Honking when going under an overpass to scare of the devil. Holding your breath as you pass a cemetery so the ghosts don't get inside you and take over your body. Sitting down together on New Year's day for hogs jowl, turnip greens (or green beans in my case), and black-eyed peas. Each symbolising something, just don't ask me what.

This year we were interrupted just as we were about to sit down by a call to help a friend who was being sent to the ER. The dinner never happened.....since then Pops had a heart-attack(he is now doing fine of course), we were left without a kitchen until we could find somebody to help install our new dishwasher (which Pops says saved his life), the new dishwasher caused our pipes to break (again leaving us without a kitchen), Fred got a stomach virus (which meant we couldn't visit Pops in the hospital), Lucy got a stomach virus, our dryer has broken, the repair people lost our service claim and never showed up, I went from two freelance jobs to one freelance job to no freelance job.....again all minor problems when considering the great issues we face as country (except for Pop's health problems), but frustrating just the same. We think we have found a way to fix things though.....we are taking doing a do-over. A mulligan. Using our free spin. Cashing in our get out of jail free card. Rewinding and Re-living New Years. In the words of Scott Bakula "we are putting right what once went wrong". We are going back to January 1, 2009.

This February 1st, 2009 as the rest of the world gathers around to watch the Super Bowl, my family will be supporting the Steelers while eating our hogs jowl, our turnip greens and green beans, our black-eye peas, and attempting to turn back time in hopes of taking a second crack at starting the year off on the right foot.

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