Thursday, January 08, 2009

Yes...I'd Like To Schedule Puke For This Saturday

Kind of an odd title I know, but that exact phrase went through my head today as I was picking up Fred early from school. It seems that just about the time Pops got the news that he could go home after his successful heart surgery, Fred started a session of up-chucking that can only mean he's caught the stomach virus that is going around. When you are new at a job, and your the boss, and you only have 5 vacation days compared to the 15 you had at your old job, and you just received 10 days off in which nobody got sick....the last thing you want is to have to burn a day puking your guts out. So what you do is immediately attempt some type of negotiation with the powers that be.

"Dear Lord, please if I must get sick give me the strength to make it to Friday afternoon before the virus hits me. I mean I'm just asking for one day and I promise I will gladly claim my spot next to the toilet bowl."

I'll let you know Monday if he accepted my offer.

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