Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now A Break For Our Sponsor: TANG!

I bring you this break in our normally scheduled wedding, new job, fatherhood talk to bring you a word from our sponsor: TANG!

Actually I just needed a break so I could rant about the existence of NASA. I understand the importance of a thousand satellites circling the globe allowing me to keep up with the World Series of Backgammon on my cell phone, but other than that do we really need NASA for anything else? I mean couldn't we use the trillions of dollars being spent everyday to see if the Red Planet is just like Val Kilmer said it would be on something like finding a cure for our massive homeless problem? I mean we literally have people living on the streets and yet we constantly spend gabillions on shuttle launches so we can figure out why space smells like chicken-fried steak. Furthermore I could care less about the moon and truly believe that it's main function is serve as a nightlight for those too cheap to spend five bucks to make their kids feel safe at night and to give dogs something to howl at after a long day of playing chase their tail. To the upcoming president elect all I ask is that you forget all about the planets, space aliens, and the final frontier and please focus on finding intelligent life here on Earth instead. Then again considering our choices come November 4th maybe I should be asking somebody else....

Now I take you back to blah blah blah

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