Tuesday, October 21, 2008

But Baby It's Cold Outside....

No this isn't a post about how Lucy has a habit of asking me to step out the side door and into our adjoining laundry room to put the clothes in the dryer at 11 o'clock at night even though I've got nothing on but a pair of boxers and a smile. The title comes from the new sentence we are constantly saying to Fred every morning as we try our best to get him to wear pants to school.

I'm really wondering how people handle more then one, because lately our one is not wanting to do anything we ask him to. "Wear this please." "NO I WANT TO WEAR MICKEY MOUSE!" "Let me help you get in the car so we can leave sometime before the end of tomorrow." "NO I DO IT!" "Please put on this very expensive outfit so you won't embarrass us at Uncle Broccoli's wedding." "I WANT TO WEAR ELMO!"

At this point after several conversations with Broccoli I have no doubt he could care less what Fred wears to the wedding. In fact I think he could run down the isle naked and he wouldn't care (Fred not Broccoli....then again he probably wouldn't care about that either.....Broccoli not Fred). Which is good because we may have to wait to the last minute to put the thing on him and if he gets away from Lucy then it just very well may happen.

"But Baby It's Cold Outside..." is what we are constantly saying to Fred as the reasons why he can't wear shorts all day and all night. Bribery doesn't work, forcing him doesn't work, so far begging is only doing a so so job. Knowing full well we are simply dealing with a miniature version of ourselves, Lucy and I are trying to remain patient as this stage hopefully passes us by. Yet all the patience in the world can't make us stop cringing whenever it's time to get Fred to do something he doesn't want too.....on a some what related note I can no longer remember what we did with all our spare time before we had a child. I remember getting married, then sleeping, then......saying "Because I said so!" over and over again. Was I in a coma?

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Dad Stuff said...

When our kids were young I would tell them they could do whatever they wanted on the weekends, but had to follow the rules of the week days.
When they finally figured out what the weekend actually was, my plan fell apart.