Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rumor Has it

One thing I really like about writing my own blog is that weeks can go by without anybody in my circle of friends commenting on anything I've posted and then just when I think nobody is tuning in everyone freaks out over what basically is me just babbling. Recently this has happened in a big way all because of a post entitled "A New Twist To A Grand Ole Holiday" in which I included the sentence:

We are fortunate to have a large family and even more so that every year it gets larger and larger with new Blockheads being add to the clan every month (more on that in the days to come)

Now looking back I can see where everyone would think that I was hinting at a possible new baby for Lucy and I. Yes there has been some talk and yes plans are being tossed around concerning the:

When's- Spring Summer Fall or Winter

How's -Well I mean we pretty much got the how's figured out obviously we have Fred, what I'm saying is how to afford a new baby and how a quad-Blockhead family will work compared to our current trio status.

Where's -Where will a new baby sleep, where will my second job be at, and where will Gigi keep all her stuff when she moves in to help Lucy.

However, one thing is for sure it won't be until late 2009 or possibly even early 2010. Fred will be starting school by that time and we won't have to mortgage the house just so we can afford daycare.

For those of you that jumped for joy and sang "Hallelujah" from as far away as Michigan, sadly Lucy is not with child (unless you count the two she already has. One of which is writing this blog over a cup of coffee and the Curious George movie playing in the background.) We love you for your concern and excitement and can't wait till each of you decide to have new child as well. When will that be by the way? Are you pregnant now? You guys need another kid. Aren't they great? You're the best parents. You'd be doing the world a service by bringing in another bundle of joy. OMG!! You are pregnant aren't you!!! I knew it!!

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You're so funny Charlie.-Amy