Monday, January 07, 2008

About Those New Additions.....

I think the reason I've managed to turn into a pretty decent husband and a great father (that sound you hear is my hand patting my back) is because I took the time to learn. You don't just get out of high school and become a CEO of a billion dollar global enterprise. You go to college, start out on the bottom rung, take your knocks, learn from them, and then try to avoid the pitfalls you fell in when you were an amateur mailroom clerk.

I was a husband in training for about 8 years before Lucy and I decided to take things to the next level (level Fred). During that time I did many a stupid thing (something that still happens, just not as regularly) like forgetting to fill her Christmas stocking, continuously getting her birthday wrong, and then there was that time I bought her a hammock for an anniversary present. Another trick I picked up is not dwelling on past mistakes, so lets move on shall we. My point is that with each new level of life nothing is as easy as the one you just left behind.

Single life is different from married life is different from parenthood is different from grand-parenthood is different from life at the retirement home. Each level of life is an amazing adventure, but each requires your full commitment and the ability to learn, love, and let go. Over the holidays a couple Blockheads took the leap to the next level.

Broccoli and Brookli started dating the same week as Lucy and I. Way back in December of 1997.While Lucy and I were settling into small town life they both had their own paths to follow. Sometimes it meant they were together...sometimes it meant they were thousands of miles apart. And though the path they took was winding leaving many to wondered if it would ever become a two-lane road, they finally ended up together leaving us all to say we knew it was meant to be all along. 10 years to the night of that first date, Broccoli finally begged Brookli to become a Blockhead (which she agreed to in spite of the fact that her future mother-in-law is nuts and her future brother-in-law likes to put everyone's private business on the Internet for the world to see)

Brookli, from the bottom of my heart thank you for ignoring those buck-teeth, those steroid enhanced muscles,  that porn star voice, and for hanging in there as long as you have for no apparent reason that I can thank of other than you've just been really bored for the past 10 years and if anything my brother is always good for a laugh.

Remember the next step will not be easy, will not always be fun, but will be the second most amazing time in your life. The first of course being the creation of a cousin for Fred!! No rush...anytime you guys are ready....just know we are here if you need to tell us anything...or if you need some baby clothes or toys...just keep it in mind...I've always liked the name Charlie haven't you? Or Charlene whichever is fine by me...just throwing some names in the air. So Congrats on the upcoming nuptials and anything else that you might not be telling us at this time.

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