Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blue Blue Vs. The Barn

He has been called The Purple Prince Of Peace by Lucy and myself ever since Fred became addicted to him. Since we learned of his ability to calm and engage Fred even during the angriest of temper tantrums, our home has become a virtual clearing house for everything Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ. We've got videos, we've got DVD's,CD's, full sized Baby Bop's, raincoats, coloring books, guitars, chalk boards, house shoes, 6 different Barney stuffed animals, plates, bowls, cars, and trucks all given to Fred by us and others who love to see him smile. And smile he has!! From the Baby Bop Hop to the Barney Pop-Up book, it seemed nobody would ever take the place of The Barn.

Sure Backyardigans and Wonder Pets swoop in every so often and catch his eye for a day or so, but with a wag of his dinosaur tail Barney always wipes out the competition.until this past week when Blue Blue (Blue's Clues) stepped up to the plate. With a handy dandy notebook in tow and a flash of Jazz hands, Blue Blue may just be heralding in the very death of Barney the dinosaur quicker than you can SKIDOO CAUSE BLUE CAN TOO!! Why the sudden shift in idol worship? Simple. His name is Steve!!

See Steve is Blue's owner and it's his job to teach Blue the ways of the world. From backyard adventures in spotting a four leaf clover to finding the perfect pet, Steve is more than just some guy on the TV.he's just also happens to be the Gigi's main squeeze!! That's right we have our very own Steve that comes over every week and waves a big wave (like the television Steve) and says weird things like "Whatcha doing Mister?" and "Golly Gee!!" and "You Silly Goose!!" and even has a short hair like Steve. There's no dinosaur running around our home waving a giant pumpernickel sandwich in the air. There's no baby triceratops in Fred's room looking for her yellow blankie . but there's a Steve that likes to carry him around!!! And that blurring between TV and Real Life may just be enough to bury that last nerve stomping dinosaur for good!!

Old Real Steve Young Fake Steve

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Julie said...

Oh my...I looked down at that picture (on the right) and he looks just like Jud!!! LOL!! Especially when Jud was in highschool. That is funny! Don't tell him that I said that. :)