Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Pirate Looks At 32

It's been two years since I've had a week long vacation. That is if you don't count Fred being born last year. No I'm talking about a week of beach chair sitting, book reading, movie watching, all day at play vacation. The way I see it I've got 9 days with nothing to do but play with Fred and love my wife.

This has been a fantastic year for us so far. Suddenly I'm a paid writer for an environmental site, a log homes journal, and have even gotten a few stories in a couple local papers. In December of 2006 the dream of being writer only existed in the far reaches of my conscience. I was happy just being Charlie Blockhead. Now I'm Charlie Blockhead Freelance Writer. Yes I still have the 8-5 and my main priority will always be family, but it's nice to get a taste of a dream you never thought possible.

Over the past few months I've turned into a web head. Always on the computer during my spare time. Writing on my lunch breaks so I can play with Fred in the evenings. Staying up till Midnight researching the next story or writing the next post. After 9 months I think I've earned a myself a I'm falling off the grid.

Just for a week or so. I've got beaches to comb and sand castles to build. My batteries are low. Today is my first official day of vacation, my 32 birthday, and I desperately feel the need to shed my skin. I'm spending too much time worrying lately. Wasting too much time on things I can't control.

Don't worry I'll be back in a week or so with new pics of Fred and Lucy. One thing I plan on doing is getting up before sunset, finding the perfect spot on the beach, and with journal in hand I'm going to write whatever comes to mind.

See You Soon,

Charlie "Life's A Beach" Blockhead



How About Two? said...

32?! At 32, I had energy to spare! Oh wait... I had zero kids. That's probably why I had all the energy.

Have a great vacation!

the weirdgirl said...

Happy Birthday, man! And have fun. Falling off the grid is great once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charlie we hope you had fun! However, the gang would like to lodge a formal complaint. We missed you, Mrs. Blockhead and baby Fred tremendously while you were away. It just wasn't the same visiting the old neighborhood without you there. We sat outside your house and pretended that you just ran inside to get Cranium or something but it just wasn't the same. Next time you had better get your permission slip signed waaaaaay in advance - LOL!!!
XOXO . . . The J's