Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Double Edged Sword.

No this isn’t another post about the toy recall, though in case you missed it they just issued a third list. Today I’ve got a question that has been screaming in my mind for close to month now and it’s finally found it’s way to my finger tips. I need talk about anonymity.

Now obviously my name’s not really Charlie Blockhead. I created the secret identity as a way to free myself from the constraints of possibly hurting or offending anyone that would eventually stumble across my little blog. That was 183 posts ago and I’m gathering up a nice group of readers. I’m averaging about 150 visits a week and though some blogs get that an hour I’m fine with my little corner of the Internet. Part of getting the word out is making sure everyone knows that I’m writing. I mention it to friends, I send out emails, I’ve got the Myspace page now….at some point I decided that I didn’t like screaming into an empty room and I had something to say people needed to hear.

This brings me to my current problem: Many of my reader’s know me and it’s starting to affect what I post about. I find myself changing things to make them less in your face or offensive. I’ve started eliminating story topics cause they might hurt somebody’s feelings. I’m essentially creating a censored version of what this site once was. Am I a jerk? Probably. Have I done things in the past that others might not like? Definitely. Should I cater to those that might get their feelings hurt or may not appreciate my point of view? That’s the toughie…if I’m telling a story about something I heard someone say and I add that it was borderline racist should I just keep that to myself? If I do doesn’t that go against everything Charlie Blockhead is? A blatant, honest, good, bad, ugly, not always fair view from a first time father. I can’t help but feel bad if I hurt someone’s feelings, then again is it worth essentially censoring my own thoughts? Closing up Charlie is not the answer. He/It means too much to me.

Maybe the answer is to create another site where I’m just as rude as I can be and not tell anyone. For when those times I just can’t help but state my opinion regardless of how it may effect others, I could just post on this secret site and scream in the empty room till I’ve got it all out of my system….who knows maybe I’ve already done this.



The Father of Five said...

Oh, yeah! It is totally Therapeutic!

I have my "known" blogs from "The Father of Five" - but I also have a secret blog. A much deeper and darker blog. It is riddled with profanities, and off the cuff remarks, and various other comments on life that would curl the hair of most people who "think" know me.

It lets me vent some of the more of the inappropriate thoughts I have. It mostly talks about current events, and what I feel should happen to the perpetrators - it is very opinionated, and very aggressive (so to say).

Go for it! Don't tell ANYONE it's you. It will make Charlie Blockhead better too.. You wont feel like you have to "filter".. You just get to be Charlie Blockhead here, and say what you are not comfortable saying here - over there!

Good Luck!

the weirdgirl said...

I hear you. I made some choices about what I would post on my site and who/what I would talk about and who I would share it with. And I still feel censored at times. For me I have a hard time opening up about certain aspects of my life on my blog that are a little darker, but I will mention those things in comments on others' sites. It makes for a weird dynamic.

I would say that if you want to start a third completely anonymous site go for it! If anything it will help you define what topics and what voice you want to write in the most.