Monday, September 17, 2007

A Few Fast Freddy Facts

Little man turns 18 months on the 20th and it’s been a while since I devoted a post completely towards him. There’s just no way to keep track of all the hilarious stuff he does or all the changes he’s going through. Here are a few things that he’s done that have just about killed us the past few weeks.

Bath/Pool time would not be complete without a dozen toys floating around demanding his attention. Submarines, boats, ducks, whales, frogs all of this and half the time he plays with a rag and a cup. Still when he heard me taking a shower the other day he couldn’t help but peek in and notice I didn’t have any toys. Next thing I know he runs in and starts throwing various plastic toys in just so I wouldn’t get bored.

Just like his momma, the boy is quick with a look and a comeback. Though most of what he says is still gibberish, he says it with passion and all attitude. After Lucy took after him for throwing corn across the table Fred rolls his eyes, looks at me, and starts tipping his heard in her direction as if to say “Hey buddy. Hey dad. You wanna do something about your woman? She’s gettin on my case here and you’re busy putting away a pork chop. Wanna tell her to simma-dow-na?

I don’t listen to much hip-hop and I always heard that once kids start faking like they have a stutter it gets in their heads and they can’t quit. Out of nowhere Fred has starting rapping his love to me. “D-D-D-D-Dad-Dad J-J-J-J- Juice”

After Tiger pulled in $11.2 million bucks for 4 days of golf I’ve got plans for Fred’s future, but I can’t deny he’s got an arm on him. Any and everything he touches has the potential to turn into an aerial assault weapon. From a ball to a Playdough container to cheese to toe nail clippers, if it can be thrown he’s launched it at us lately.

We cannot keep him off the phone and he’s no sucker for a fake one either. We’ve given him old cordless phones, a couple toy cell phones, phones that dial out and make noise back, but he knows the real from the decoy. He likes to pick them up say hey, bye-bye, and slam them back down. Hand him a fake and he chunks it.

Let the potty training begin!! All weekend every time he did a dirty, he’d walk up to one of us, grab our hands, and lead us to his changing table. Land of no more diapers here we come!!!

He’s learning new words everyday and loves animal noises. Ask him what a cow says and he goes “MOOOOOO”. A sheep and you get “BAAAAAAA”. A snake and he’s “HISSSSSS” at you. Ask him to say bye-bye and he simply waves.

We’ve also been taking some great pics lately. Enjoy!!



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