Saturday, June 22, 2013

Watch Us Shine

I was in a men’s meeting a few months back and I believe it was Jeff Henry that said, “For as much as we are paying for this building, we should be wearing it out!” I’m not sure you’ve noticed, but lately that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Every first Saturday we provide a meal for the community, the ladies have started a class that meets during the day once a week, the singles are getting together for dinner after services, practically the entire congregation sits down together for dinner on Wednesdays, we have begun to meet one Sunday a month for a meal followed by an afternoon youth lead service, the Men’s Ministry that is starting up….there’s literally so much going on it’s hard to find spots on the calendar to plan anything else. What a great time to be a part of Highland Park Church of Christ! Speaking from someone that has been a member of this congregation for almost ten years, I can truly say I don’t remember a time when the spirit was so alive among us! Now comes the icing on the cake, VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!!!

As a kid the reasons to be excited about VBS are obvious: Hanging out with your friends every night, singing those great VBS songs (Father Abraham had many sons!), snacks of cool-aide and cookies, learning about God and his son Jesus, bringing friends that may not normally attend our church, and last but certainly not least seeing all the great things this congregation comes up with each year. To this day my 7 year old thinks Blake Holliman turns green when he gets angry. Each year is filled with puppets, skits, and great crafts….I could go on and on about VBS and never run out of ways to describe all the wonderful things that happen this time of year. We may never know the impact VBS has on the lives of the children in this congregation and surrounding community.

It goes without saying that if not for the help of so very many adults and the youth group, VBS would never get off the ground. If ever there was a time during the year to lend the church a hand, this is it. Your help is needed and everyone has a part. What I really want to discuss though is how much I enjoy VBS as an adult!

I hear it said over and over, “I wish we could come together more than just a couple times a week”. Well that’s exactly what VBS is! That time of the year when we all have the opportunity to come together (regardless of whether or not we have children of our own) and enjoy great fellowship night after night. During VBS the halls of this church are filled with laughter and joy for four straight nights. It’s a time of the year when friends from surrounding churches can visit without missing services of their own, when members have the opportunity to chat with those they may not normally see, a time when the word of God is brought to us for almost an entire week straight! As someone that struggles to balance work and family during a typical week, VBS is a chance to recharge my batteries for more than twice a week. Plus who doesn’t love a good puppet show!!

This week I encourage you to make a special effort to set aside cutting the grass, folding those towels, and working late…to spend some extra time with your church family. Come see our children smile and laugh, our volunteers do their magic, and our church shine.