Saturday, June 22, 2013

Train Up A Child

She sits there alone with a smile on her face surrounded by various scenes from the Bible. Noah guiding an ark full of animals over rough waters. Moses with his arms out stretched as he parts the waters of the Red Sea. Jesus walking along a dirt path surrounded by a flock of smiling children.

There's a small desk drawer just to the right of where she sits. If one were to look, they would find the tools of her trade. A bin full of crayons that have long ago seen their best days, yet still bring a cheer to all when presented. Underneath the crayons lay a row of stickers she uses as a reward to those with perfect attendance. Not many of those being passed out anymore. Tissues for runny noses, safety scissors and glue sticks for craft time, a bag of suckers for all who remember to bring their bibles; all of which are invaluable but none can compare to her greatest asset….patience.

Next to where she sits, over in the corner stands a large plastic barrel wrapped in ornate wall paper. She uses it to hold the can goods and dry food items that are so desperately needed by those less fortunate. Twice a year she manages to fill it up. Things have been slow lately though. She can’t help but say a little prayer to herself when she sees it there half empty and collecting dust.

The week’s lesson starts to take shape on Thursday night, she picks up a few odds and ends while running errands on Saturday, and just before show time on Sunday she does a quick rehearsal. Once everything is ready, she simply sits back and waits for those to come.

As they begin to pass by her door, the older kids wave and say their hellos. She never forgets their names or how much their time together meant for the both of them. If you were to ask her how things are going while she sits there in that empty class room, she would simply smile and let you know she expects to have students in just a few moments. The instant the words hit the air you can tell they are said more in hope than fact, like a wish made over the open flame of a birthday candle.

I ask you now... is there anything sadder than a Sunday School teacher without a class? Someone who wants nothing more than to teach our children the word of God and the joy that comes from knowing his son Jesus Christ. Parents if you think there’s nothing you can get out of a 45 minute Sunday morning bible class, I challenge you to bring your child this coming week. See the effect our wonderful teachers have on them after just one class. Ask them what they learned and be proud of them for paying attention. When your children have shown you how much they have gotten out of that one class, go hug that teachers neck and tell him or her you’ll see them again next week.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”