Monday, August 24, 2009

Taking Inventory

Awhile back I promised yet again I would be posting at least three times a week and here I am on the 24th writing for the first time since the 10th. What can I say? With a three year-old running rampant and a wife going through the motions of pregnancy I've had my hands full. Everyday that passes Fred stuns us all with what comes pouring out of his mouth at any given moment. Last week after I heard through the grapevine that he may have gotten into some trouble at the Hill during nap time, my request for the truth was first met with "No I was not in trouble". It wasn't until I promised to not punish him in exchange for the truth that I was told "Well okay maybe I got in trouble a little bit....but it's okay." Sure now it's okay you're getting away scott-free I said to myself.

Lucy accidentally decided to take up gymnastics recently and an attempt at the splits sent us running to the ER. We can talk about it now, but 8hrs sitting watching those around us suffer from drug addiction, spousal abuse, attempted suicide, and self inflicted gunshots wounds to the face left us with a definite since that our momentary fears aside; life was no where near as bad as it seemed to be at times.

Socks has had kittens again and it appears that I may have to do something I swore would never happen....spend money on an outdoor animal. Although the thought of donating our hard earned cash to something that could just as easily disappear the next day has always seemed logical, I'm not really ravishing the idea of feeding 3 others because I was too busy being a cheap skate.

We've taken inventory of what we have left from Baby#1 and it looks like this next time around all we will need is a new stroller/car seat (which we bought this past week at Dittos), a bouncy seat (also bought this past week at Dittos), a playpen, and a crib. Lucy is spending all her days puking and all her nights catching up on the work she missed because of it. We have decide on first names and now are debating middle names. No hints though for now all you will get from us is Baby #2.

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The Father of Five said...

Charile... it's been a while since I commented - but rest assured I am still a follower...

I wanted to comment on a couple of things (from a long time parent's perspective).

First off... When it comes to some of the smaller things (I don't know what he got in trouble for at nap time - but I can imagine that it's pretty much the basics... noisy, wont sit still, etc, etc, etc..) but anyway - especially at an early age (when their minds are still impressionable) it is UBER important that kids get the message that it's ok to be honest. And if that means you "walk away" from some of the smaller stuff (i.e. "let them get away with it") - later on (when they are older and able to reason more) they will not feel so much anxiety about answering your questions truthfully and/or (and here is the "holy grail of parenting") come to you ON THEIR OWN for advise / suggestions when they are "in trouble" or in need of your wisdom.

I have taught my kids from an early age (and put it into practice too - which is something easier said than done) that if they come to me with "things", I will be much calmer and easier to deal with than if I am to "find out" from someone or somewhere else. I have reminded them that they still may be punished, but if they don't come to me - on top of the consequences for whatever they did, they will also have to deal with my frustration with their being dishonest, or deceitful as well... I constantly remind them (both in words and in action) that it will be much easier for everyone for them to come to me, and to be honest...

So, in all that rambling - what I am trying to say is - I think you had it right!!

Best of luck with Baby #2 - and keep us up to date!!

Father of Five