Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crap And Other Words I Can't Use No More

Now that we have a 3 year old the time has come in our journey where we learn how fun it is to copy all the things that people say. Sure it's fun to copy something just moments after you hear somebody say it, but it's even more fun to spring the new word or phrase when you least expect it.

Among the words/phrases that Fred has begun throwing out there recently are:
  • Crap-this one is all me as I've even caught myself saying it at church

  • Stupid-this one got him beat within an inch of his life

  • Oh My Gosh- this one has been altered some what and now comes out Oh My Goodness

  • What am I going to do now- I think Lucy says this on a regular basis

  • Well (pronounced Whale)- the moment Fred is bored with the conversation this is his clue that he's moving on

  • I'm the boss- this one disappeared for close to a year, but now for some reason has reared it's ugly head once again.

  • I can't do it- another phrase that is heavily discouraged

  • Your my best friend- this one gets thrown around a lot and typically gets bestowed on whomever is spoiling him at the moment and not telling him no all day

  • We going to do it after later?-this one is automatically thrown at you the moment you tell him no.

  • Okay but after later?- comes after the no to the question above

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