Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Editor In Chief

Being as this is my 270th post I thought Iwould take a second to talk about my biggest fan and the role she plays in creating Charlie. Of course I am talking about none other than the fabulous Lucy Blockhead. For those of you who don't know we have been joined at the hip since our first date way way back on December 27, 1997. Since then she has brought more joy into my life than I can ever imagine. During that time we've definately had our share of struggles. Like that two week period my arm started swelling and I developed a grapefruit sized knot under my arm. Of course we thought it was cancer, but thankfully it turned out to only be a clogged sweat gland. Then there was the day I just chunked my job of two years without having a clue as to what I would do the next day. This isn't about the hard times though, this is about your's truly Charlie Blockhead.

Charlie really just started out as a way for me to express my fears at becoming a new dad. Two years and some months later it has lead to a pretty good part-time job (this is where I plug the freelance site I'm writing for Petsource) and at least twice a week the adventure continues to move forward.

What you may not know is that eventually I'm going print this entire blog and have it published. All 270 pages in counting will someday be bound, numbered, and given to Fred as a way to know just what made his dear ole dad tick (though it may also make him wonder why his mom stuck around for so long).

Since this is essentially like writing a 270+ letter to your son and such an important task, it's nice to have somebody around to help keep the tone of the posts in check. This is where Lucy comes in. She is the first to tell me when something shouldn't be discussed (like wondering if your child's future will involve a life of crime) and when I've gone too far (I once wrote a post about what I think of those who come forward at church too often, which was immediately deleted). She is my Editor In Chief and on this momentous occasion as I celebrate the big 270 I just wanted to make sure she knows that as with the rest of my life I'd have nothing if I didn't have her first.


Anonymous said...

Oh you Blockhead! You've made me cry at work! I want the world to know I feel that I am lucky to have you in my life and I can't imagine sharing this "adventure" with anyone else!
Your Biggest Fan, Lucy

Darren said...

Very nice, post. Happy 270.

LiteralDan said...

Careful, you might give her a big head.

And congratulations-- you never forget your 270th.

Chucklyn said...

Way, way, waaaay behind on these, but as I was catching up from the top down, I ran across this post.

Charlie - way to give credit where credit is due! You're lucky to have your lucy just as I'm lucky to have my Jocelyn.

How in the hell did we snag these amazing gals and why oh why do they insist and hanging around?!

Couldn't tell you the answer to that question, Charlie.

But between a Chuck and a Charlie, we must be doing something right! Here's hoping we can keep that up for a long, long time!

Happy 270th(+) and keep up the great work!