Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Color Me Bad

One thing they never tell you before you become a parent is that you better be careful with the child while you are flying solo or you'll be in just as much trouble as he/she is if something is destroyed, mangled, or in my case changes color.

It could have just as easily happened to Lucy and I'm sure there's been a couple of times when I've come in to find that Fred has scarred the house or car is some way....I just don't remember them now. In my defense I was not on the computer during the time the destruction took place no matter what she says, though I can't really remember what I was doing so I guess you could say that was up to interpretation.

I don't have pictures because A) I've got a cold and didn't think about how funny it was as I scrubbed red crayon off the wall of our hallway at Midnight and B) I had thought that once I got all of it off the coffee table that I would be home free....I had yet to turn on the light in the hall at that time so....

Lucy was good about it. As good as she could be. Fred only got a stern talking too by Lucy as he went to bed, mainly because when I came around the corner and saw a red coffee table instead of a yellow striped one I went straight into damage control. I think that's when he must have snuck past me and decorated the hall.

If only he had drawn a smiley face or wrote I Love U Mommy! I could have done something cool like put an empty frame around it, but I felt sure nobody was going to appreciate a bunch of zigzags other than of course Fred.

Either way the most important thing is that I got it all off and now we have a very clean coffee table as well as several clean spots in the hall.


Anonymous said...

sounds like the story of our firstborn, the black marks-a-lot, and the thomasville server. right about the time i discovered the art session in progress the doorbell rang and it was my elderly escort coming to take me to deliver food and go visiting. big j stepped in to halt the pregnancy hormones from: a) bawling uncontrollably at the damage to our best furniture; and, b) harming our firstborn. he began scrubbing for hours in hopes to rediscover the original finish on the furniture and i did the only thing i could do at the time - i left the scene - ha!
the j's

Dad Stuff said...

He just wanted the wall to match the table.
He has a good eye for color.