Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunshine In The Clouds

They say that everything teaches us a lesson no matter how big or small. As Christians we are taught to believe that it is not up to us to understand why things happen, but to merely offer up our lives in faith to God through the Lord Jesus Christ. It is through him that all questions will be answered, all mysteries will be solved, and all hope shall live. With this in mind sadly I’m writing today to tell everyone that our beloved Sunshine passed away in her sleep Friday morning. Though we only enjoyed her company for a week, we did everything we could to let her know that for once in her very short life she was a part of a family.

With her passing comes the perfect opportunity to do something we may have neglected as parents….explaining Heaven to Fred. Instead of changing the subject, in the days to come when Fred asks where the new kitty went he will be told of a magical place where everyone loves and there is no sorrow. Thank you to all those that shared our excitement in getting a new kitty and in our belief that she is now in a better place.


family affairs said...

So sorry about your kitten, how sad. Thanks for leaving a comment - I"M SO EXITED about being a finalist, it's ridiculous. Anyway, I'm not feeling reassured to note that your parents still haven't resolved their differences....glad to read that their ops went well Lx

Mack said...

Oh I am so sorry about Sunshine.

You have a great bloggy, come visit mine sometime!

Mack, the BT

Julie said...

Sorry about Sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Our sympathies from MI.