Thursday, December 06, 2007

One Small Request

Dear God,
        I know that this may seem silly and I probably ask for too much on a weekly basis as it is.but as I sit here on this 6th day of December I feel like I need to make a special request.

Maybe it's selfish.
Maybe it's foolish.
Maybe it will never be granted.

This December I'd like silence.

I've thought about it and though I'm sure you could grant Peace On Earth, I feel a need to ask for more than that.

You see everywhere I turn and everywhere I go I hear the cries of those in despair.
I hear mothers crying over lost children. I hear soldiers fighting for what is right.
Car wrecks and catastrophes abound in this big'ole world you created, and I'm just not sure how much more we can take.

Yes I'm sure we are to blame for our current circumstances.
Yes I know your son will be back someday to save us.
But until then can we just have a month of silence.

Just 25 days of warless, deathless, victimless silence.
Just 25 days to allow us all to hear ourselves think.
Just 25 days to see beyond our own selfish desires.
Just 25 days to feel complete love for each and every part of this beautiful planet you created for us.

If you think about it 25 days is merely a grain in the sands of time. A crumb of what's come before and what remains.

I understand this can't be the way it is forever and I know things happen for a reason.
Come January 1st I'm fully prepared to accept all the mess and the muck of life.

Bring on the high-speed chases.
The fights between races.

Go back to putting us through life's paces.

But for today..for these next 25 days.can we just have time to catch our breath before we run out of it completely.

Can we just have one Holiday Season where we can all look back without feeling the pain that comes from the loss of a loved one?

Just 25 days of silence.
Just to catch our breath.
Just to remember what to be thankful for.

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