Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gone In 60 Seconds

It's amazing how fast things change. This past week after days of having it rumored to have occurred by Adam and myself, Alex finally said Mama in front of Mandy. There was some debate about what Adam's first word was (it may have been Hey, but we are saying it's Dada), but with Alex it's clear as a bell.

Saturday night gave us another example of how fast things can change and how when it comes to kids, life can turn in and out of chaos in a matter of seconds. Here is a timeline of what went down in about a 60 seconds:
  • Alex, Adam and I are playing in the bed.
  • Mandy leaves the room, goes outside, and opens up the trunk of the car
  • Adam starts laughing and playing with Alex, rolls off the bed, hits his head on the corner of the nightstand
  • I see Adam out of the corner of my eye (the Auburn game was on and my attention was torn) and lunge for his hand seconds too late
  • Adam is crying like crazy and grabbing his ear. His eyes are tightly shut as the pain has clearly racked his brain.
  • He goes to open his eyes and them WHAM! The entire house goes dark.
  • Adam immediately screams as if Jack The Ripper just entered the room!
  • "I can't see!!!" thinking that the hit on his head has caused blindness, Adam looses control and freaks out.
  • I start trying to figure out how I'm going to find a flashlight while I'm laying halfway across the bed holding Adam with one arm and trying to make sure Alex stays put with whatever else I got
  • I scream for Mandy.
  • She closes the trunk, the exact second the lights kick on. Mandy never knowing the power went out, hears us all screaming, and comes down the hall.
  • She finds Alex laughing it up, Adam blinking his eyes like he's thankful to have his vision magically restored, he's holding his ear like his brains are about to come out, and I've got this look on my face like "Did that just really happen?"

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