Monday, May 18, 2009

A Visit To See An Old Friend

Daddy, What are we doing here?
Well, I have an old friend around here somewhere and I thought we would pay him a visit.
Do you see your friend Daddy?
Um...not really...but this is where he hangs out.
Is your friend far away?
Not all the time. Sometimes he feels like he's standing just over my shoulder.
My friend would really like you Fred.
I bet I would really like him too Daddy!
Wow this hole is big.
My friend was a pretty big guy.
Well I just wanted to come buy and see how he was doing.
Time to go see Mommy, Daddy?
Yep, I guess it's time to go see Mommy
Daddy, Is your friend your Daddy?
Um...well...for a very long time, yes he was my Daddy.
(How did he know that?)


The Father of Five said...

I liked this post Charlie...

Moving. I am lucky enough to still have my parents with me here. I was also lucky enough to have my last grandfather until I was 12... Oh, how I miss him to this day...

You are right about them being just over your shoulder... I feel my grandfather each and every day..

Is this photo taken at the cemetery? It's a really great scene!! I LOVE hanging out in old cemeteries!!

Again, thanks! Short and sweet, but says a lot!

Dad Stuff said...

I agree with FOF. This post had everything from the picture to the sentiment to the message.
Even the twist at the end. But it isn't much of a twist is it? We all know who Fred's best friend is.