Monday, April 27, 2009

Off To A Rocky Start

At the end of the day after the sun is set and your child is sleeping soundly in his bed, it's easy to look back at what took place hours before and think "Boys will be boys". Four hours earlier when you've just walked into the door from a day that was every bit of a Monday only to find your precious child spent the day in Time-Out for throwing're not so inclined to write things off so easily.

Needless to say we sort of started this week off on a slippery slope. The only thing that stopped him from getting a serious beating was that Lucy and I soon realized the whole thing may have been our fault. We took him to see a local waterfall Sunday afternoon and the entire time he was there he was tossing rocks in the river. Since he seemed to be having so much fun, we went to a quiet spot with picnic tables where he could sit next to the water's edge and throw pebbles until his arm fell off. Great family fun right? Of course! I'm sure we told him the only time you throw rocks is when you are at the river...we just may have not mentioned it a lot...or more than once.

How do you explain to the Director of your daycare that in the same sense that Lucy and I can be looked proudly on when Fred is well behaved.....sometimes we must also be scolded when he's not. While I figure out how to answer this question, enjoy these pics!


Anonymous said...

getting in trouble for throwing rocks...a new family tradition!!!...he didn't bust anybody's head open did he? it would leave a scar?!!! hey did you have some flash backs on that!!!

the weirdgirl said...

I hate those moments! The moments you realize you screwed up as a parent simply because something didn't occur to you. It's like the week after letting Chance watch Shrek finding out he was pulling "wrestling" moves at school. All from one small scene.

I've been there, my friend. So been there.