Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Bald And The Beautiful

This past weekend saw another moment in Blockhead history as I went and had all my hair shaved off. Now some of you may think this is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever done, but it's nothing compared to why I had to shave it off to start with. You see the reason I no longer have hair is because I decided I wanted a faux hawk. Not a full mohawk mind you, just a tiny faux one. The reasons behind this could be as simple as I'm completely addicted to Top Chef and there's this guy Richard Blast that is rock'n one or they could be as complex as having to do with feeling very old lately and wanting a change of some sort (I'm also on a diet which is an obvious attempt to acquire the flat stomach that time forgot). Unfortunately the hawk only lasted a few hours because I'm cursed with curly hair and the dang thing wouldn't stay straight.

For those of you who can't quite picture me without hair here is the before and after:

Funny how a new haircut can may you look different (or in my case like a woman). As you can guess I got a ton of feedback from friends and coworkers so I thought I may as well list my favorites:
  • Do you still like Black People? (From a black person so don't send me hate mail)
  • Did you get your hair cut at the same place as the cat?
  • Wish I had the balls to do that...on second thought I'm glad I don't.
  • What day do you leave for Basic Training?
  • Can you move a little to the left, the glare off your head is making it hard to see
  • WoW! You are taking this Charlie Brown thing to heart aren't you.
  • WHAT DID YOU DO!! (From Lucy and most everyone else)

With all of these attempts at humor at my expense flying overhead, I've had time to craft a witty comeback: "My flux capasitor ran out of Uranium and I barely had to steal some so I could get back to 1802 and save the Doc. The radiation caused my hair to fall out, but lucky for him I was able to time a lightning bolt to hit a clock tower thus sending me back in time." What do you think? I know it needs more work. I gave it a shot but missed it by a......hair.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Charles - just wanted to pop in to say ta for the smooth running of the best of blog awards 07. What a great idea and I've found quite a few sites that I really enjoy now. It was great fun participating and has created quite a lot of bonhomie and good natured teasing amongst the finalists and their supporters. You did good work there old boy..Thanks so much.

Excuse my typo's as I have the typing skills of a monkey.

Dad Stuff said...

Should be nice and cool for the summer.
One option is to get a mohawk wig. The best of both.

Anonymous said...

Hey man. Heard about the dome, and actually saw a picture of it on mom's phone. My take...no sweat. Having a shaved head is nice. You never have to brush or worry about your hair looking decent. Plus, once you get a little sun on it, and it grows out a little in a week or two, I bet you, and more people around you will really like it. If not, so what, it'll grow back in no time. Now, all you need is a tattoo...haha!

the weirdgirl said...

Nice look! You really pretty it up well.